This simple guide is going to help you in case you decide to reach us by car/motorbike.

Panorama is located in the pedestrian zone (ZTL) of the city and does not offer any private parking facilities, as you will have already learned at the time of booking

If you are travelling light we recommend you to reach us by foot, looking for parking outside the pedestrian zone (ZTL).


The RED AREA shows the pedestrian zone (ZTL), the only access by car/motorbike is located in PIAZZA SULIS.


Entrance in the old town by car/motorbike is always difficult. If you are traveling with small suitcases we suggest you not to enter in the old town but directly look for parking outside the pedestrian zone (ZTL).

Here it s indicated the only way to reach us by car/motorbike.

1) The only access of the pedestrian zone in located in Piazza Sulis.

2) ▲  Head west on Bastioni Cristoforo Colombo/Muralla del Carme toward Carrer del Borg/Via Majorca. Piazza Sulis is behind you. 63 meters

3) ►  Turn right onto Carrer del Borg/Via Majorca. 140 meters

4) ◄ Turn left onto Via Gilbert Ferret. 45 meters

5) ►Turn right onto Via Principe Umberto. 26 meters

6) ◄ Turn left onto Carrer del Forn/Via Delitala. 14 meters

7) ► Turn right onto Via Doria. 120 meters

8) Panorama is located at 8 Doria Street.

Without authorization is not allowed drive and park the vehicle.

In order to get the authorization you have to fill the form.
The authorization is only for unload the luggages not to park your vehicle during your stay.


The GREEN AREA shows you the area to get a free o parking fee on lanes.

The RED AREA shows private parking for residents,  It’ s not to allowed park your car.

At the marina area there are:

Close to the pedestrian zone there is:

Parking rules: 

White stripe it means: Free parking
Blue stripe it means: Pay parking
Yellow stripe in means: Not allowed

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